A Coastal Maine Wedding in Boothbay Harbor



boothbay maine wedding photography

If you’ve never been to coastal Maine, you really should treat yourself to its stunning, picturesque beauty.  With over 3,400 of rocky coastline, it’s a dreamlike mix of jagged rock, dense forest and buttery lobster.

Beyond its quaint, timeless appeal, Boothbay Harbor provided a more personal link to the couple, serving as the backdrop of the groom’s formative years as the summer vacation spot for the family.  This created an intimate, truly special ceremony for those gathered, especially Bradley and his family.  The two days we spent capturing the celebration truly felt like a return to summer camp or something you’d see in a movie, with guests exploring the bay, sleeping in individual, rustic cabins on the grounds, and, of course, gouging on Boothbay’s exquisite, freshly-caught seafood (shout out to Karen’s; we see you!).

But more than any else, this wedding weekend was a celebration of two families and a set of very close-knit friends traveling far and wide to love up on Lyndsy & Bradley.  It just felt so… lovable.  The whole weekend, like friendships across families were forming right before our lens.  And to top it off: we loved our bride and groom.  Just wonderful, fun-loving, welcoming humans, who treated us like family from the minute we parked the rental.  It was quite the experience for this photographer.  It was one of a handful of places photography has taken us where you stop, just for a brief instant, with the breeze off the bay sending a salty reverence into your nostrils, and you think to yourself: “I should live here.”  That’s Maine for ya.

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