Hi, I’m Benjamin.

I’m a photographer and a storyteller.  I live happily with my wife/muse and our two pets in the lovely, warm, taco-filled bubble that is Austin, TX.  I love traveling to new places, late evenings with friends, searching for lost treasure in thrift shops, listening to old Wilco records, and I really, really love taking pictures of people to tell their story.  And I would really love to tell your story.

From a very early age (just ask Mama Garrett), I was completely taken with story-telling, from movies, to books, to acting in our family play productions.  I ended up going to film school at The University of Texas, where I quickly gravitated to documentary film for its honesty and humanity.  After shooting my first wedding, it became apparent weddings were a beautiful, intimately raw form of storytelling that tapped into my fascination with people and their stories.  Weddings are, after all, the uniting of two separate stories into one, while also revisiting all the people who gave life and love and meaning to your story.

Marriage is a beautiful thing, and I aim to capture your wedding story in an honest and intimate fashion.  Mixing photojournalistic, candid photography with stylized portraiture, I focus on creatively capturing moments that express the happiness and love of your special day.

Let’s tell your story!