a heckuva party at this Ma Maison hill country wedding



There are weddings.  And then there are parties.  This was a party.  Lisa & JR were such fun clients to be around, and their energy was contagious.  As wedding photographers, we are quick to profess who much it affects us when clients are having fun.  It makes the entire job of documenting a wedding seem like the privilege that it is.  We knew we had that type of clientele when we entered the bridal suite to find Lisa and her sister in fuzzy animal onesies.  We truly appreciate having the types of clients that keep their own experience of their wedding day front and center, never forgetting your images or video of your wedding will only be as fun or emotional or meaningful as the memories you have to go along with them!  With Ma Maison providing the perfect indoor/outdoor venue, it was our ideal shooting conditions: laid back, lots of love, and lots of laughter.

With an amazing backdrop for portraits (Ma Maison’s iconic Green Cathedral) and lovely, even light, this wedding celebration was off to the races.  The reception offered the highlight of the evening, with a dance floor extravaganza.  We could have done without the Aggie War Hymn, though. (#HookEm)  The bride and groom even indulged in s’mores around the firepit!

Heckuva party.


amazing, amazing, extremely amazing venue as well as blog. I love the way you have written and images also.

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